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Getting It Done: Leading Academic Success in Unexpected Schools (Harvard Education Press, 2011)

Getting It Done turns to the crucial issue of school leadership, exploring how school principals have led improvements in school and student achievement. Getting It Done focuses on real leaders -- and on the knowledge and skills that they have employed on behalf of the academic success of their students. I was lucky enough to work with my colleague Christina Theokas, director of research at The Education Trust, to combine journalistic storytelling with methodologically rigorous research.

Ronald F. Ferguson

From the foreword by Ronald F. Ferguson, professor at Harvard University, and director of the Achievement Gap Initiative:

"Getting It Done makes me more certain than ever that an important way forward for American education is to study what our best school leaders do and to use what we learn to improve professional development for current and future school principals. Chenoweth and Theokas show that there are indeed lessons to be harvested and passed along. Improving school leadership is an achievable goal that will advance both equity and excellence in the nation's educational outcomes. Let's get it done!"

Michelle D. Young

From Michelle D. Young, professor at University of Virginia and executive director of the University Council for Educational Administration:

"Drawing on close to forty case studies, Chenoweth and Theokas highlight essential lessons about leadership in high-needs schools. This is not a story about superheroes; it is a compelling portrayal of experienced, well-prepared, solution-focused leaders who work with their staffs to pool knowledge and expertise on behalf of their students."

Charles M. Payne

From Charles M. Payne, Frank P. Hixon Professor, University of Chicago and author of So Much Reform, So Little Change:

"This book tackles a most crucial question: What is different about the leadership in successful schools for children of poverty? It goes a long way toward unpacking the black box of leadership that matters."