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In the twenty years that I have been writing about schools and education, the national conversation has gone from complacent to near-frantic. Critiques of public education have reached such a feverish pitch that a casual observer might be forgiven for thinking that no one really knows how to run good schools. And yet all over the country are schools with large populations of students of color and students from low-income families that are helping just about all kids achieve. The educators in those schools have figured out how to ensure that all the systems in their schools line up to support teaching and learning.

Now, in my new book, Schools that Succeed: How Educators Marshal the Power of Systems for Improvement I explore what it looks like when expert school leaders ensure that all of a school's systems, from supplies and schedules to discipline systems, are designed to support instruction.

Schools that Succeed builds on the previous trilogy of "It's Being Done" books (more about them below) but digs deeper to help educators see how they can move forward, even in dismaying circumstances.

What People Are Saying

Noted scholar Charles M. Payne:
"For those concerned with educational inequality, perhaps no question is more important right now than understanding why some schools and districts do much better with vulnerable students than others. This book confirms Karin Chenoweth’s place at the front of that conversation. People who are still not convinced that schools can change lives need to read this book."

President of University of Maryland Baltimore County Freeman A. Hrabowski III: "In Schools That Succeed, Chenoweth focuses on the structure of schools that connect people, systems, and processes for the purpose of addressing the needs of students, especially those from minority groups and low-income and working families. Educators will find this work enlightening and inspiring."

Former superintendent of Lexington, Massachusetts, Paul Ash: "More focus, hard work, and intervention programs are not enough to transform a good school into a great school. In Schools That Succeed, Karin Chenoweth describes the qualities of very high performing schools in some of the most unlikely places in the United States. Chenoweth reveals that great schools marshal their collective capacity by building well-designed, sustainable programs that work together as a system."


From 2007 to 2011 I wrote two books and co-wrote a third to create a trilogy of books about high-performing and rapidly improving schools that serve large populations of students from low-income families and students of color. These books identified key characteristics of these schools, their practices, and their leadership. In addition, I have written a slew of articles and spoken before tens of thousands of people.

In this web site, you will learn about the trilogy of "It's Being Done" books and some of my other work. I hope you find the information interesting and helpful. And be sure to check out my Huffington Post column while you're at it (Link is in the column on the left.)

-- Karin